The Joy of the Novitiate

DSC_0131 lowDear Friends,

This is a special newsletter! On 23rd January our community had the joy of celebrating the entrance of two new sisters into the Novitiate. This month we would also like you to share in the joy of the events of that special day with us.

Modesta and Guadalupe completed a two year long journey which included the experience of living and proving their vocations in this religious family. This journey included the decisive step of becoming a Postulant, before finally being ready to receive the religious habit of the Missionaries of Divine Revelation. Shortly after the announcement, Modesta’s parish priest left Peru to join in the joy of the Church in the celebration of a donation of a life to the Lord. Similarly, Guadalupe’s parents, notwithstanding the trials of the traveling arrangements, finally arrived in Rome.

The much awaited day arrived and every Missionary was occupied with the preparations in the countdown to the celebrations. There scarcely seemed enough time to complete all that had to be done in the short hours before the ceremony! The Liturgy, which included the recitation of Vespers, was ready. The flowers adorning the Chapel contributed to the beauty of the occasion. Time was passing quickly but Modesta and Guadalupe were unaware of the activities that surrounded them, still being in retreat before the ceremony. They were preparing their hearts for their Spouse who had called them to a more intimate relationship with Him.

The ceremony then commenced. As the organ started to play and incense permeated the Chapel, Modesta and Guadalupe made their emotional journey towards the altar. We all remember their fixed and lucid gaze towards the Tabernacle and we are reminded of the words of the Gospel, “Behold, the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!” (Mt 25:6).

Watching the slow progress of the procession towards the altar, each sister recalls her own passage and renews in her heart the offer that she made of herself to the Lord.

Vespers commenced and the much awaited moment of the consignment of the Religious Habit, the Scapular and the Holy Rosary arrived. Finally, it is the moment when their names are changed to signify their new mission. An attentive silence resounded in the Chapel in order to hear the simple words: “Modesta, from now on you will be called Sister Maria Rosa” and, just a short time later, “Guadalupe, from now on you will be called Sister Maria Angelica”. With joyful hearts, we recognised we had reached the conclusion of the Liturgical Celebration in which the new Novices had abandoned themselves to Jesus’ embrace.

The ceremony of the Novitiate concludes but each of our hearts still beat with the grace of that moment that passed only a short time ago. The sisters that have been vested with the Religious Habit are now a sign for the whole world that God alone is enough for them. They are signs that it is worth the effort to give one’s life to Christ, and to fall in love with that Jesus whose Heart overflows with love for them. They are signs of a unique and exclusive love for the Lord because they know that they are loved immeasurably by He who is Love itself. They are signs because they recognised the call to the Religious Life, which is the way that God chose to enter into a relationship with them, and then they promptly, liberally and with joy allowed themselves to be loved by Jesus now on this earth and definitively in Heaven. One day their Spouse will say “Arise, my beloved, my beautiful one, and come!” (Songs 2:10).

The Missionaries of Divine Revelation pray that our dear sisters Maria Rosa and Maria Angelica will unite themselves always, in every moment, in whatever circumstance and in whatever place to the only Spouse who in this earth has chosen them to be His.

God bless us

And the Virgin protect us.