The Opening of the Jubilee of Mercy


On the 8th of December, Pope Francis opened the Holy Door at St Peter’s Basilica to inaugurate the Jubilee of Mercy. Let us start this year by joining with the Holy Father to pray for the grace to “really love you [God] and our neighbor with the joy of the Gospel.” We have reproduced the prayer (translated into English) with some of the scenes contained on the Holy Door.

Before the Holy Door

Porta Santa PadreO God, you reveal your omnipotence by your mercy and forgiveness, during this year grant us the grace to really love you and our neighbor with the joy of the Gospel.


Continue to effuse your Holy Spirit upon us so that we never tire of turning towards your Son who we betrayed. He is the resplendent face of your infinite mercy and secure refuge for sinners who are in need of the truth and peace that liberates and saves us.


Porta Santa Maria

He is the Door which leads to you, the inexhaustible font of consolation for all, beauty without sunset and our perfect joy.


May the Immaculate Virgin, first splendid fruit of the Pascal victory, luminous aurora of heaven, intercede for us on our earthly pilgrimage.

To Holy Father, the Son, our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit, the Consoler, be given every honour and glory for endless ages to come.