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In this page we invite you to ask us any question that you hold in your heart about discerning your vocation.  If it is easier, you can also arrange to talk to a sister direcly about the questions that you have.  We use this information just as a means of initial contact so that we know how to respond to your question guided by the Holy Spirit to help you find the wonderful project that the Lord has for your life.

 It is the first time I have spoken to a sister I am not at all sure that I have a religious vocation I have just started my discernment I know that I have a vocation but I do not know to which community I am called I would like to request to enter I would like more information about your community I would like to call to you speak directly
 Internet Through a priest that recommended you A friend spoke of your community I met a Missionary of Divine Revelation From a newspaper article
 I am interested in a vocational retreat I am interested in a vocational weekend


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