What if I regret becoming a Sister?

At the heart of this question lies a worry that many feel in making life’s major decisions. What if I subsequently regret the most important decision in my life? The same question could also be said of the decision to get married or to stay single. Today’s society tends to see all things as temporary and so […]

My parents do not approve of my vocation.

How can I say “Yes” to the Lord’s call if my parents do not approve? I know that it is not easy and that one’s heart may bleed at the thought of leaving one’s family. Often the  devil causes us to believe that we are the very cause of our families pain. There are many thoughts that […]

How do I know if I have a Vocation?

Sometimes if may seem that a vocation is a “strange illness”. You feel an attraction towards the things of God, a calling from the Lord to follow Him more closely. We will try to identify some “symptoms” of a vocation by analysing the calls of Andrew and John who were amongst the first called to […]

Why did you become a Sister?

It is important to highlight the fact that the way we often speak about “becoming a Sister” is mistaken. It is rare that someone sets out to “become” a Sister in the same way that they become a teacher or an accountant. It is rare that someone sets out to consecrate themselves  to God (to set […]