Spiritual Maternity


The Missionaries of Divine Revelation feel the vocation to the ‘spiritual maternity’of priests. Through this ‘maternity’, we participate in the universal motherhood of the Virgin Mary, who is Mother of the eternal High Priest and also Mother of priests in all times. Just as a baby is conceived, born, fed and looked after by its mother, so these things must also be done in the spiritual life. Behind every priest there is a spiritual mother who has asked God for the grace to offer her spiritual sufferings to God, along with all her work of the day, so that priests may be ever more holy, faithful to their identity and committed to their work.

Weekly Eucharistic Adoration for the Intentions of the Priests!

Every Friday, throughout the whole day, Eucharistic adoration takes place in the chapel of the Missionaries of Divine Revelation for the intentions of the Holy Father and for all the Priests and Seminarians of the entire world. In particular, we offer our prayers for those Priests and Seminarians who have asked us to pray for them and to accompany their mission with our prayers before the Lord.

If you would like the Missionaries of Divine Revelation to ‘adopt you’ as a spiritual son, offering our prayers on your behalf, please complete the form below:


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God Bless Us
And The Virgin Protect Us

Missionaries of Divine Revelation.