The Community

Avila - Chi siamo

After a long experience as consecrated lay women with Mother Prisca, with full dedication we have completely realised her project. The diocesan approval for the ‘Missionaries of Divine Revelation, was signed on the 11th February 2001 by Cardinal Ruini.

The Missionaries of Divine Revelation feel that we are apostles of the mystery of the Church. We desire to: ‘Think as the Church has always thought, love as the Church has always loved, want what the Church has always wanted’ (From the Missionaries of Divine Revelation Rule of Life).

chi-siamo-in-chiesaWith our name, ‘Missionaries of Divine Revelation’ we want to express our charism that was founded in the passionate love for the God’s Word and for, what the Virgin of Revelation called ‘the three white loves’: the Eucharist, the Immaculate Virgin Mary and the Holy Father. We desire to make these known and loved through catechesis in absolute adherence to the teaching of the Church.

Our apostolate is addressed to the people of God to form them to live an authentic Christian life in the life of the Church through catechesis in the parish, in the family, parish missions and our ‘Catechesis with Art’ programme. We are the official guides for St Peter’s basilica and the Vatican museums for the ‘Art and Faith’ itinerary. We also work in St John Lateran’s Basilica, Cathedral of the Holy Father and Mother Church of all the Churches in the world.

The colours of our habit are those that the Virgin of Revelation wore during the apparition: the green represents God the Father, the Creator; the white represents God the Son, the Redeemer; the pink symbolises the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier. In this way we always keep in our minds that only God can be the centre of our lives because He is our unique God and ultimate end.

We greet each other with the greeting of unity and peace that was requested by the Virgin of Revelation: ‘God bless us and the Virgin protect us’. It is a filial invocation, which is valid for every time and circumstance which addresses everyone uniting us like sons of God and spreading in our hearts a profound sense of peace.

Taking the example of Mary, Mother of the Church and of our founder Mother Prisca, who knew how to imitate Mary with great simplicity and humility, we are grateful to the Lord every day for the gift of our vocation that is lived in joyful fraternity. We have the living desire to fill ourselves always with God’s love, to donate ourselves in the service of humanity and through this we feel loved and cherished.

We desire to donate ourselves sincerely and maternally to those near us and in that way we can participate in Mary’s spiritual maternity.

We have renounced everything, but not love! Yet it is precisely because we are free from earthly attachments that we can totally donate ourselves to others.

May the Lord accompany us in our way so we can always do His Will, under the maternal protection of Mary, Virgin of Revelation.