Vatican Museums – Sistine Chapel

At the start of the year 1500, Pope Julius II della Rovere (1433-1513) acquired the Lacoonte statue and placed it in an octagonal courtyard and this became the start of the Vatican Museums collection. Thanks to the dedication of the Holy Fathers that have amplified the collection over the centuries, the Vatican Museums is today […]

St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Grottoes

Entering St Peter’s Basilica brings us into a marvelous world that houses 2,000 years of Christianity and is a focal point for Christian faith, history and culture. Two thousand years ago, on the Vatican Hill where today St Peter’s Basilica stands, you would have found Nero’s Circus. Here, St Peter, in October 64Ad, was crucified […]

St John Lateran’s Basilica and the Baptistery

The objective of this visit is to help us understand the role of the Church in history. You will follow the story of the Emperor Constantine and the story of his conversion to Christianity and how the Cross, which was a symbol of shame for every Roman, became the symbol of victory. The visit follows […]

The Basilica ‘Santa Croce in Gerusalemme’ (Holy Cross in Jerusalem)

The objective of this visit is to enable us to dwell on the historic events of Our Lord’s passion, death and resurrection. We are accompanied in this visit by the story of St Helen, mother of the Emperor Constantine, who at 78 years old made the long pilgrimage to Jerusalem to follow in the footsteps […]

Saint Mary Majors Basilica

The visit to St Mary Majors Basilica helps us to enter into the heart of the Christian faith contemplating the God who became man to accompany man on his journey. The Basilica conserves the Lord’s manger from Bethlehem and the splendid mosaics give a marvellous catechesis on the mystery of Christ’s incarnation. A venerable tradition […]

Saint Paul Outside the Walls

This visit introduces us to the story of the Apostle to the gentiles – St Paul. The Basilica was built on the place where he was buried, in the necropolis next to the ‘Ostiensis’ road. Paul arrived in Rome in 64AD and was under house arrest awaiting judgement. In 64 AD Rome was devastated in […]

Saint Lawrence outside the Walls Basilica

St Lawrence outside the Walls was built on the ‘Ager Veranus’ in 330 AD by the Emperor Constantine. The property was originally owned by St Cyriaca, a noble Roman that allowed the body of the Deacon Lawrence and numerous other early Christian martyrs to be buried there. Lawrence was the first of 7 deacons who […]

St Agnes Outside the Walls Basilica

The story of St Agnes, presented in the Basilica which takes her name, invites us to reflect on the values of strength and purity whilst facing earthly life with sincerity and courage. The complex which surrounds the Basilica was commissioned to be built by Costanza, daughter of the Emperor Constantine over the place where the […]

Saint Cecilia Basilica

The Basilica was constructed upon the ‘Titulus Caeciliae’ and was already in existence in the third century AD. It was built in the place where the Palace of Valeriano stood who was St Cecelia’s husband and was converted by her to Christianity. Valeriano and Cecelia were united in the faith and love of the Lord. […]

Saint Prassede Basilica

The visit to this Basilica allows us to follow St Peter’s shadow in Rome and to consider a number of themes: the heroic testimony of faith and the birth of the first religious community in Rome. To make a group booking, please complete the electronic booking form by clicking on the following link: Electronic Booking […]