The transmission of our charisma to the laity: Oblates of Divine Revelation

Oblati 1 2017

The Oblates of Divine Revelation are strong and motivated lay people who engage themselves in the testimony of the Christian life. They are attracted to our motto ‘Serviam – I will serve’. They are inspired to serve the Church through the three white loves; the Blessed Sacrament, the Immaculate Virgin Mary and the Holy Father.

The Oblates are men and women who testify to the world, with their families, an authentic and joyful Christian life under the protection of the Virgin of Revelation whilst at the same time using their free time to work in the service of the local Parish and Diocesan community. The Oblates share our spirituality and are integrated into the life of the Parish according the liturgical and catechetical needs of the Parish.

The Missionaries of Divine Revelation are engaged in the formation of the Oblates ensuring the formation of their prayer life and knowledge of the Catholic Faith through continued personal contact through the means of modern communication. The person responsible for the Parish Group of Oblates could be a member of the Parish community or the Parish Priest.