The sculptor of Mary, Virgin of Revelation

Dear Friends, Today we celebrate the anniversary of the location of the statue of the Virgin of Revelation in the grotto of Tre Fontane, Three Fountains, Rome. On the 5th October 1947, the wooden statue of Our Lady, realised by Domenico Ponzi, was transported from St Peter’s Square to Tre Fontane upon a royal carriage […]

Hymn to the Virgin of Revelation – 73 Anniversary of the Apparition

Dear Friends, on the day that we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin of Revelation we wanted to share this video with you as a means of thanking our Blessed Mother.  We pray that Our Lady will grant many blessings through the Supplication that we are offering in her honour today.  […]

The Story of the Virgin of Revelation on EWTN

  As part of the celebration of the 71st anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin of Revelation at Tre Fontane, Rome, EWTN’s Vaticano programme produced this video story about the apparition.  The news broadcast features interviews with Mother Rebecca and Sr Emanuela who talk about the great graces worked by the Virgin of Revelation […]

The Virgin of Revelation at Tre Fontane 10 years before!

The story of Luigina Sinapi is a precursor to the apparition of Our Lady of Revelation at Tre Fontane.  Exactly ten years before the Virgin of Revelation appeared to Bruno Cornicciola she prepared the way by appearing to another seer, a young catechist called Luigina Sinapi, on the 12 April 1937.   Luigina had arranged […]