How to recite the Holy Rosary

How to Recite the Holy Rosary 

The Virgin of Revelation taught Bruno how the Rosary was to be recited. The Missionaries of Divine Revelation have always followed this method (the numbers relate to the image of the Rosary beads):
Make the sign of the cross (1), say the Creed (2), Our Father (3), 3 Hail Mary’s (4) and a Glory be (5).

O God come to our aid…O Lord make haste to help me (6). Say a Glory be (7).


Recite the 5 decades of the Holy Rosary according to the mystery of the day.

of Light
Monday and Saturday  Tuesday and Friday Wednesday and Sundays Thursday


Announce each decade saying, “In the first joyful – sorrowful, -glorious – luminous  mystery of love we meditate”…
For example, “In the first Joyful mystery of love we meditate The Annunciation 

Recite the decade of the Rosary: Say the Our Father (8), 10 Hail Mary’s (9) and a Glory be (10)

At the end of each decade say the Fatima prayer (11).

Recite the next decade firstly by announcing it as above. Repeat for all 5 decades.


 At the end of the 5 mysteries conclude by saying:

Hail Holy Queen

Prayer to St Michael the Archangel

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be for the Holy Father’s intentions to gain the indulgence

Litany of Loreto

The Significance of the Holy Rosary
On Palm Sunday 1948 the Virgin of Revelation taught Bruno how to say the Rosary and the significance of various aspects of the prayer.

“…it is time to teach you how to recite this dear and holy prayer…the Rosary. The Hail Mary’s “are like golden arrows of love that reach the heart of my Son, Jesus Christ.”

Make the Sign of the Cross, say the Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be.
“Hold the cross between your index finger and thumb making the sign of the cross, a personal blessing, upon yourself. Touching your forehead say, “In the name of the Father”; touching your chest say, “and of the Son” now on the left shoulder, “and of the Holy” and on the right shoulder, “Spirit. Amen”.

“Now, keeping the cross between these two fingers, which symbolise the Father and the Son, and the hand, which represents the Holy Spirit, say, with a true, committed faith, the Creed. […]”

“On the large bead recite the Our Father, which is the prayer that my Son taught the apostles. On the three small beads recite the Hail Mary which contains the words that the angel said to me, my response, Elisabeth’s greeting when she recognised that I was carrying God made man and your prayer to me, your Mother by grace and Trinitarian mercy.”

Now taking the cross in your hand, repeat with me, “O God come to my aid. Oh Lord make haste to help me.” Then say a Glory be because in this way, during the Holy Rosary, you invoke God’s help for salvation.”

Recite the Mysteries of the Rosary

Announce “each mystery that explains the spiritual life to the soul saying […] “In the first joyful – sorrowful, -glorious (depending on the day) mystery of love we meditate”.

During the Rosary Meditate on the Word of God

The Virgin of Revelation explained that during the Rosary, “you must meditate using the Word of God. In that way, each day you will meditate on the economy of God’s plan for the redemption of humanity.  In this way you will repeat each mystery of love during the week. I repeat this will cooperate greatly to the salvation of souls, maintain a cast iron faith and help you to win the victory over diabolical evil. All that I ask of the Holy Trinity they concede because I am the daughter of the Father, the Mother of the Son and the immaculate spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Temple chosen for the Redemption.”