The Virgin of Revelation

God Bless Us and the Virgin Protect Us

We have listened to this story many times from Bruno Cornacchiola, without ever tiring. It’s a story that involves the mind, heart and whole being, because it shows God’s infinite love for all of his creation.

The Lord is the Good Shepherd who leaves the ninety nine sheep on the hillside to go in search of the stray taking no rest until he finds it (Mt 18:12-14). In this way the Lord searched for Bruno Cornacchiola, helped by the mediation of His Mother the Virgin of the Revelation, and it is also how He searches for every one of us calling us to conversion. In fact, each time that the Virgin appears it is not only to convert the seer, but to leave a message and a reminder to all humanity. All of mankind are her children and She, like a Mother, wants to take care of us in order to lead us lovingly through dangers and troubles in our earthly pilgrimage to finally arrive in the Heavenly homeland.

We want to share with you the joy we have received listening to this story so that the message given by the Virgin of Revelation can reach many hearts bringing them ever closer to God and His Church.

The Missionaries of Divine Revelation.