The Divine Mercy and John Paul II

7 April marks the Sunday of Divine Mercy, Feast instituted by John Paul II in 1992. John Paul II deeply loved the Divine Mercy and the message that Jesus himself had left the young Sister Faustina Kowalska of Cracow, who died in odor of sanctity, in 1938. John Paul II was aware of the story […]

71st Anniversary of the Apparition of the Virgin of Revelation

  We are just a few days away from celebrating the 71st anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin of Revelation at Tre Fontane, Rome on the 12th April 1947. We searched our archives to find something that would take us right back to the time of the apparition. A newspaper article was found from […]

The Three White Loves – The Holy Father

Love of the Holy Father After the Holy Eucharist and the Immaculate Virgin Mary, our ‘third white love’, to which the Virgin of Revelation referred to on the 12th April 1947, is the Holy Father. It is the third fundamental column of the Catholic Faith, and without it no-one can truly refer to themselves as […]

The Three White Loves – The Immaculate Virgin Mary

Love for the Immaculate Virgin Mary Mary is the Mother of the Church and our tender Mother who takes care of her children and doesn’t ever leave them alone. At the Grotto of Tre Fontane, Mary, appearing to Bruno, revealed to him that She was always close to him and never abandoned him. Even when […]

The Three White Loves – The Eucharist

Love for the Eucharist The gift of the Eucharist is the gift per excellence, the greatest gift that God could give to humanity. It is a mystery of God’s love that He comes to us hidden under the form of bread and wine to stay with us always. In St John’s Gospel we read that […]