Day 3 – Novena for the Feast of the Assumption

“The Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is his name.” (Lk 1, 49)

The fact that the Apostolic See has made the celebration of the feast of the Assumption ever more solemn, has certainly and effectively moved the attentive minds of the faithful to appreciate always more completely the magnitude of the mystery it commemorates. So it was that the Feast of the Assumption was elevated from the rank which it had occupied from the beginning among the other Marian feasts to be classed among the more solemn celebrations of the entire liturgical cycle. When St. Sergius I prescribed the litany, he specified the Feasts of the Nativity, the Annunciation, the Purification, and the Dormition, or the Assumption, of the Virgin Mary. (Cfr. Pope Pius XII Munificentissimus Deus)

Oh Immaculate Virgin, the strength of divine love freed your pure spirit from any earthly ties, obtain for us the grace that at the end of our lives we will cling only to that which unites us to God.

Let us pray:

Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, we believe in your triumphant Assumption into heaven where the angels and saints acclaim you as Queen. We join them in praising you and bless the Lord who raised you above all creatures. With them we offer you our devotion and love. We are confident that you watch over our daily efforts and needs, and we take comfort from the faith in the coming resurrection. We look to you, our life, our sweetness, and our hope. After this earthly life, show us Jesus, the blest fruit of your womb, O kind, O loving, O sweet virgin Mary.

Hail Mary.