The Parish Mission Continues Afterwards!

Every Community that we meet remains linked to us by the ‘spiritual chains’ of prayer and, for those who desire it, we assure them of our presence through:

  • Formation of catechists also through email and on-line conferences.
  • Organisation of Pilgrimages to Christian Rome to rediscover the roots and beauty of the Our Catholic Faith.
  • ‘Roman Holiday’ is a residential meeting for young women who desire to know the roots of the Christian Faith in the shadow of the first Christian women martyrs in Rome. We give particular care to moments of Scripture Study and of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Community and personal prayer. This type of experience has had a positive impact on the young people to form them in the sense of the generous donation of ourselves, the fundamental element of every type of maternity, weather it be natural or spiritual.
  • The Oblates of Divine Revelation – at the end of the mission, if the Parish Priest desires it, and if the Lord permits it, we raise the possibility of following a permanent journey of the faith with us by forming a Group of the Oblates of Divine Revelation. The group seeks to form strongly motivated laity to engage in the testimony of the Christian life at the service of the Parish in accordance with its Catechetical and Liturgical needs. The Missionaries commit to take care of the group assuring them of formation and the life of prayer with continued personal contact and on-line communication. The person responsible for the group can be a Parish Member or the Parish Priest.