welcome to our new web site


We have  had many years of experience using the means of social communications to proclaim the Gospel and so, at the dawn of a new pastoral year, we wanted to launch our new website.  We have designed the web site in order to make it easier to use for those who have met our Community via the web.

With the web site’s new graphic design we are aiming to amplify and update the content that relates to the story of the Virgin of Revelation because it was from this history that the Missionaries of Divine Revelation was born.  We would also like to develop the material that relates to our charisma, the missions that we undertake and our Community life.  We have dedicated a whole new section to the theme of Vocations in the hope that this will help those who have the desire to discover the project that God has for their lives.  In addition, in our Articles section, we will include those texts that we think will help to teach, inform and comment on the Catholic Faith in general.  In addition, we will try and keep you updated about developments in the Church, the Holy Father’s teaching and the messages of faith that can be drawn from the great patrimony of art that resides in the Catholic Church.  In short, all things that may assist in a person’s spiritual journey of faith.

Just as in all our apostolic activities, we have undertaken this project for the greater glory of God and for the salvation of soulsWe entrust our site to Most Holy Mary, Virgin of Revelation and we pray that through it she may touch the hearts of man who are so thirsty for beauty and truth.

Most Holy Virgin of Revelation
Pray for us and give us God’s love.

God Bless Us
And The Virgin Protect Us