23rd Anniversary of the birth of the Missionaries of Divine Revelation

Our hearts are filled with deep appreciation and gratitude as we recall how our small community has been blessed by the Lord during the last 23 years since our foundation.

We were born after a long experience of lay consecration with Mother Prisca, who first conceived and matured the project of consecrated life. We were formally recognised by the Vicariate of Rome following her pious death on 1 June 1998.

St Vincent de Paul used to say that “the things of God come about by themselves” and that is exactly what we have experienced from the beginning of our story. The diocesan approval of the community was signed by Cardinal Camillo Ruini on 11 February 2001.

Our first convent was a small apartment in Via Pozzuoli no. 7, from where, after a few months, on 7 July 2001, we moved to a splendid apartment owned by the Vicariate of Rome (what Providence!) in Lungotevere dei Vallati, no. 10.

A priest urged us to confidently pray for vocations by setting the date in which to inaugurate the Novitiate and organise the room in the small convent where it would reside. All this, even though there were still no novices!

The 1 June 2003 was set as the date for the opening of the Novitiate. In January that year, the young woman who would become the future Sr Priscilla entered the community as our first novice. She entered, as we say, the ‘School of Mary’. Following quickly behind her, on 3 February, was the future Sr. Agnes. Later, other sisters also found their abode with Jesus in our community.

On 19 March 2003, we conducted our first small Parish Mission in Torrita Tiberina (Rome). Again, in years that followed we participated in many other Parish Missions in Italy, Mexico, England, Argentina, Texas and Brazil!

On 12 January 2004, our great adventure at St John Lateran’s Basilica began as we welcomed pilgrims who visited the Treasury Museum. It was also from here, that the apostolate of Catechesis with Art started. Nowadays, this apostolate has developed such that we lead pilgrims to all the main the churches in Rome especially St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.

Our community grew in the desire to open the doors of the convent so that we could offer God’s people an oasis of peace and prayer. On 25 June 2007, Providence led us to the large convent at Via delle Vigne Nuove 459, where over time, numerous families have gathered around us and our spirituality has been enriched by the presence of lay people, the Oblates of Divine Revelation.

Each Sunday for the past 2 years, statues of the Virgin of Revelation have been sent from the Grotto of the Three Fountains to visit families in and around Rome through the devotion known as the Pilgrim Madonna. Such interest has been created that these visits of the Pilgrim Virgin of Revelation have also spread to other countries around the world.

For 23 years the Lord has been doing his work through us, making us a privileged channel for spreading and serving Divine Revelation! With exultation we renew our motto, SERVIAM, and sing our MAGNIFICAT of thanks to the Lord and the Virgin of Revelation!

God Bless Us
And the Virgin Protect Us

The Missionaries of Divine Revelation