My parents do not approve of my vocation.

How can I say “Yes” to the Lord’s call if my parents do not approve?

I know that it is not easy and that one’s heart may bleed at the thought of leaving one’s family. Often the  devil causes us to believe that we are the very cause of our families pain. There are many thoughts that are humanly speaking justifiable, however, the Lord’s call is a vocation founded upon faith and a supernatural outlook. It requires a leap of faith. The Lord calls us to think great things, without the limitation of anything, even our families. When the Lord calls, He changes our little world because He gives us all the world as our families. We are called to love everyone just as He loves them.


You must be strongly courageous and have much trust in the Lord because you can be sure that the Lord will take care of you and your family. The spiritual author, Jacques Philippe, wrote “God is always faithful. He never abandons us but men have a hard time trusting Him because before we believe we want to “see”. We want to experience His care for us”.Before we experience God’s support we must first believe. It is the same situation as the parachutist – before jumping into the void, he cannot feel the chords of the parachute that will hold him. He must first “jump” and then he will feel “supported”. If this is true for human activities why is it not also valid for God? Men jump into the void, confiding in a human invention, like a parachute, and yet why do we not place that same trust in God, knowing that when we make the leap of faith we do not jump into the void but into His hands.

Jump and you will see that God Himself will take care of you and lift you up. A vocation is not a private affair between you and God, it is a universal affair because many souls are awaiting our “Yes”.

Do not be discouraged. The devil will try every way to discourage you from your vocation, this is his way. Therefore you must not fall for his games. Entrust yourself to Jesus knowing that when you jump you will fall only into His arms.