15 Minutes of Prayer – Supplication to the Virgin of Revelation

  Introduction to the 15 minutes of prayer  To commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the apparition let us pray to the Virgin of Revelation together. Today, we recall the fact that 73 years ago, Our Lady appeared in Rome, standing on the earth drenched by the blood of the Apostles Peter and Paul and many […]

A mission for those dying through the corona virus: The Divine Mercy Chaplet

Dear Friends, The whole of humanity is living day to day though a time of intense physical and spiritual suffering and many tribulations. It is extremely comforting to know that, even during the coronavirus emergency, we are able to feel the closeness of Our Mother, the Church. Through the Decree from the Apostolic Penitentiary on […]

Our ‘wish list’ letter to St Joseph

When, at the end of December 2006, I entered the carpark of a property in the Via delle Vigne Nuove, Rome I did not imagine that the ‘prophecy’ of St Joseph was being fulfilled. My name is Mother Rebecca, superior of the Missionaries of Divine Revelation. Our community was born in the Roman Diocese on […]

Jesus in St Joseph’s Workshop

In the month of March, we would like to turn our attention to one of the greatest figures in the story of the Church: St Joseph. The liturgy immediately helps us to comprehend the calibre of this great Saint because lent is interrupted in order to celebrate the feast dedicated to Jesus’ foster father. Just […]

Solemnity of St Joseph

Joseph lived through a very singular experience in his life. He did not know what to do about Mary who ” was found with child through the Holy Spirit.” His internal turmoil was concluded with a dream sent by God. Joseph responded immediately because we are told “he did as the angel of the Lord […]

Novena to St Joseph – Day 9

Death in the days before Christ was often frightening, often terrible.  It was left for Joseph to show us for the first time the perfect way to die. Graciously God let him know that his work was done. Jesus was almost ready to enter His public life; in that the humble carpenter would play no […]

Novena to St Joseph – Day 8

Wonderful things have happened in the long annals of mankind, but none have been more wonderful than what occurred in the little house and shop of Joseph in Nazareth. The earnings of a laborer provided the food for the creator of heaven and earth.  Into the little carpenter shop comes the young Jesus, apprenticed to […]