The Art and Faith Itinerary

Official Guides of The Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica

“Art, in all its forms, at the point where it encounters the great questions of our existence, the fundamental themes that give life its meaning, can take on a religious quality, thereby turning into a path of profound inner reflection and spirituality.” (Pope Benedict XVI Letter to Artists).

creativita-01This section dedicated to our ‘Art and Faith Itinerary’ is divided into four areas to enable visitors to select the type of itinerary most suited to their needs. The first section is dedicated to our tours of Art and Faith in the Vatican Museums which also includes the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica.

The Second section is dedicated to our special itinerary for School Groups as we believe that art is a powerful tool for educating our young people in the wonders of the faith and history.

The third section is dedicated to providing a series of meditations on the main places of interest in Rome for those visitors who may not have time to follow a formal tour with us but would like to sample our visits in some way. This section is under construction but with time it will house a wealth of information for those wishing to ‘learn Rome’ (Pope John Paul II).

The fourth section is dedicated to our itinerary for groups visiting Rome who may like to choose from our wide selection of ‘Art and Faith’ tours in the main places of Christian interest in Rome.

The ‘Art and Faith’ itinerary aims to highlight the historic, artistic and religious heritage that the city of Rome offers to the whole world. Rome’s singular history makes it a popular destination for tourists and usually these visits take the form of a pilgrimage inspired by the memory of the Apostles, martyrs, saints and the Vicar of Christ, the Holy Father. These tours offer the opportunity to rediscover the roots of our history and the Christian Faith. The Church, through the beauty in these historic places, wants all men to come to know the splendour of truth.