The sculptor of Mary, Virgin of Revelation

Dear Friends,

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the location of the statue of the Virgin of Revelation in the grotto of Tre Fontane, Three Fountains, Rome. On the 5th October 1947, the wooden statue of Our Lady, realised by Domenico Ponzi, was transported from St Peter’s Square to Tre Fontane upon a royal carriage drawn by 6 horses and accompanied by a great crowd.

On this important anniversary, we have decided to share a testimony which recounts how the statue of the Virgin of Revelation was realised through the eyes of the sculptor’s son, Piero Lorenzo.

In addition to the details about the realisation of the statue which took shape in the hands of Domenico Ponzi, Piero Lorenzo gave us the privilege of seeing the plaster model of the Virgin of Revelation from which the original statue that stands in the grotto was made. It was very emotional to see the work undertaken such that the likeness of the Virgin of Revelation could be venerated in all the world.

Dear devotees of the Virgin of Revelation, we present this video in honour of Our Lady. In addition, we extend our gratitude to the Ponzi family who provided salient details from Domenico’s diary that aided its production.

God Bless Us
And the Virgin Protect Us