2019 with the Missionaries of Divine Revelation

2019 was another rich and intense year for our consecrated life and our mission of evangelisation.

On the 30th June this year we were blessed with the Religious Profession of Sr Maria Veronica who gave her life to the Divine Spouse through the Rule of the Missionaries of Divine Revelation.

Further blessings came with the entrance of 5 new sisters to the ‘School of Mary’ who enthusiastically chose to dedicate their lives totally to God. We were also favoured by the increase in the number of lay Oblates who desire to share our spirituality and our mission.

During the summer months we saw the seeds sown in the previous year blossom in the missions that we undertook to various parts of the world. There were also very many beautiful occasions in which our friends have shared the important events in their lives with us. These are precious times as they helped to strengthen them in their faith and fraternal charity.

This year’s soundtrack that accompanies the video was written and performed by our dear friend, Jimmy Mitchell and is entitled Fount of Love. This music helps us to meditate on the graces that the Lord has given to us this year and to thank Him for the time spent in the service of the Church under the maternal protection of Our Lady, Virgin of Revelation.

Deo gratias

God Bless Us
And the Virgin Protect Us

The Missionaries of Divine Revelation