Vatican Museums – Sistine Chapel

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At the start of the year 1500, Pope Julius II della Rovere (1433-1513) acquired the Lacoonte statue and placed it in an octagonal courtyard and this became the start of the Vatican Museums collection. Thanks to the dedication of the Holy Fathers that have amplified the collection over the centuries, the Vatican Museums is today a ‘global museum’ able to show all the diverse forms of artistic expressions through time. The collection traces the story of humanity from the early civilizations like the Egyptians right up to the modern day with the collection of Modern and Contemporary Art. Of course, the Museum is also the famous home of fine works by the great Renaissance artists like Michael Angelo to Raphael and the highlight of any visit to the Museum always includes the Sistine Chapel.

The Missionaries of Divine Revelation are the official guides for the Vatican Museums ‘Itinerary of Art and Faith’ and we would be delighted to accompany you in this journey in time and history. It is a rediscovery of the history of the Church, and also the story of humanity that journeyed through time and in this place learned that God acts in history and reveals His wisdom to us.

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