Charm and beauty delight the eye, but better than either are the flowers of the field.

(Sir 40:22)

In today’s society that is defined as a ‘society of images’ there very often isn’t anything that turns our gaze.We know that ‘to look’ is very important but there are not many that have the capacity to really look or to see.Our children are often lost in violent ad vulgar images and so for them, art remains a mute fascination that is far from their experience.

We believe that alongside the school there are other social organisations that are important for the formation of the young people.We consider that art is a privileged vehicle for spreading the ‘sense of decency and social life’ which can to help in the formation of the consciousness to ‘guard the value of life, of reciprocal respect, of personal responsibility, of legality, of justice and of democracy and peace.’herefore, we can affirm that art has a pedagogical value.The objective of these visits is to give a taste of the long story impressed in the stones of the Basilicas so that the young people can start to try to marvel and grow in the faith.

The itineraries are suited to all young people and the Missionaries of Divine Revelation ensure that they adapt the visit depending on the age of the group.The use of radio guides ensures that there are no difficulties in hearing the guide and following the tour.

We recommend the following itineraries in this section for the young people to help with their approach to the world of art inspired by the Christian Faith.

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