St John Lateran’s Basilica and the Baptistry

The objective of this visit is to help the young people understand the roles of the Church in history. They will follow the story of the Emperor Constantine and the story of his conversion to Christianity and how the Cross, which was a symbol of shame for every Roman, became the symbol of victory. The visit follows the story of the twelve courageous men that fearlessly testified to their friendship with the Lord Jesus. The twelve apostles, present on the columns of the central nave of the Basilica, represent the columns of the Church. We will learn to read the ‘Bible of the Poor’ where we can follow the steps in the story of salvation and see how the Lord has always walked at man’s side.

The visit to the Baptistry has the objective of showing the young people the revolutionary force of the faith. The first Christian converts, who used to believe in many gods, came to believe and know in their hearts that there is only one God who is always close to us.

The meeting develops into a journey into Rome in the fourth century just after the liberation of Christianity from persecution in 312 AD. With the flight of the imagination we take all the young people to follow the catechumens who asked the Christian community to receive Baptism. In the night of the Easter Vigil we enter the vestibule of the Baptistry… the first Baptistry where the first Christians proclaimed their faith in the Lord for the first time!
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