The Basilica Holy Cross in Jerusalem


The Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem and the Holy Stairs (Scala Santa)

The objective of this visit is to enable the young people to dwell on the historic events of Our Lord’s passion, death and resurrection. We are accompanied in this visit by the story of St Helen, mother of the Emperor Constantine, who at 78 years old made the lon pilgrimage to Jerusalem to follow in the footsteps of Our Lord’s earthly life. We can see the mute testimony to our Lord’s crucifixion: the relic of the true cross. In a particular way we can follow the events of the passion much more closely by viewing a copy of the Turin Shroud which is also displayed in the Chapel of the relics. In the Basilica we also see the example of Nennolina, a 7 year old, who had the courage to offer her sufferings to the Lord.

The Holy Stairs (Scala Santa) was brought to Rome in 326 by the command of St Helen who had it removed from Pilate’s palace in Jerusalem. Jesus climbed and descended these stairs twice on the day he was condemned to death. St Helen donated the stairs to Pope Sylvester I.
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