The Missionaries of Divine Revelation celebrate the perpetual profession of Sr M. Benedetta

On the 8th September, Sr M. Benedetta professed her love of the Lord for ever with her perpetual vows. She entered the Community when she was very young. In fact, she had not even completed her “maturity” matriculation exams that Italian young people take prior to university.

Sr Benedetta then followed a spiritual, human and community formation programme whilst also completing a degree course. She did everything with joyful generosity, even when facing the daily trials that the reality of a new life brings. From the first question that our Rule of Life proposes, “What have you come to search for?” she always responded with faithfulness and consistency: “I have come to search for God!”. The greatness and beauty of this donation we can summarise with the perpetual profession’s concluding phrase: “I am the Bride of Him whom the angels serve, whose beauty the sun and moon gaze upon with admiring wonder.