We have not renounced love!

San-Paolo-300x177Our great desire is to live in God’s love so that we can share it with others. Today’s world needs to know how much it is loved. We have renounced love of one special person, but not love itself – because this way we are free from all ties and able to totally dedicate ourselves to others.

Our vocation is to belong totally to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, to be a point of reference for our brothers and sisters on the journey of faith who are searching for the truth.

Contemplata aliis tradere

The secret of our missionary apostolate is based on an intense life of prayer and union with God, rooted in Catholic spirituality. Like Sr P e Sr A heart
the motto of St Thomas Aquinas, “Contemplata aliis tradere”, we seek to transmit to others what we ourselves have contemplated. In this way we want to promote Divine Revelation, guided always by the Church. Through the witness of a faithful life and active apostolic work, sustained by a profound interior spirituality, and without any inferiority complex with regard to the spirit of the world, we humbly but ardently propose nothing other than ‘Christ who is the same yesterday, today and always’ (Hebrews 13:8).

We dedicate our life to Mary, the Virgin of Revelation, with the desire to show Jesus Christ to the people of the third millenium. We want to show Jesus who is the one mediator between God and humanity so that everyone may have the true sense of life and build full communion with God.