Sacred Heart

We are pleased to present an interview that was conducted on the Morning Air show on Relevant Radio ( with Sr Emanuela.  In the interview Sr Emanuela talks about devotion to the Sacred Heart and presents the mosaic of the Apparition of the Sacred Heart in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome and Pompeo Batoni’s painting of the […]

The Virgin Mary, the Mother who helps us to grow!

In our meditation for the month of May we would like to share the beautiful words that Pope Francis spoke at St Mary Majors Basilica, Rome on the 4th May 2013. The Holy Father reminds us that the Virgin Mary watches over us and helps us to mature. Mary is the model for every mother, […]

Hymn to the Virgin of Revelation – 73 Anniversary of the Apparition

Dear Friends, on the day that we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin of Revelation we wanted to share this video with you as a means of thanking our Blessed Mother.  We pray that Our Lady will grant many blessings through the Supplication that we are offering in her honour today.  […]

A mission for those dying through the corona virus: The Divine Mercy Chaplet

Dear Friends, The whole of humanity is living day to day though a time of intense physical and spiritual suffering and many tribulations. It is extremely comforting to know that, even during the coronavirus emergency, we are able to feel the closeness of Our Mother, the Church. Through the Decree from the Apostolic Penitentiary on […]

Good Friday: Our glory is the Cross of Christ

On Good Friday the Church invites us to look at Christ, who was crucified and died for our Salvation. Now more than ever, adoring the wood of the cross calls us to a profound reflection. With the original sin, evil, suffering and death entered the world. Man, wounded by Original Sin, became a victim of […]

15 Minutes of Prayer – Supplication to the Virgin of Revelation

Introduction to the 15 minutes of prayer  To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the apparition let us pray to the Virgin of Revelation together. Today, we recall the fact that 75 years ago, Our Lady appeared in Rome, and called us to live the true faith which, in turn, brings true peace to our lives […]