The Crucifixion of St Peter

Michael Angelo’s Crucifixion of St Peter in the Pauline Chapel The archeologist and graphologist, Margherita Guarducci, who lead the second phase of excavations to identify St Peter’s tomb in the Vatican Necropolis between 1940-1950, studied the various historic sources arrived at the conclusion that St Peter was crucified in Nero’s Circus in the Vatican on […]

Life will not end in emptiness

The mosaic portraits of two young spouses, Simplicia Rustica and Flavio Giulio Giuliano originates from the Ciriaca cemetery, otherwise known as the Monumental Cemetery of Verano, near St Lawrence Outside the Walls in Rome. These two mosaics, which are conserved in the Pio Christian Museum in the Vatican Museums, Rome, date to 350 A.D. The […]

The Column in the Piazza di Spagna

The Immaculate Conception and the Column in the Piazza di Spagna, Rome The column of the Immaculate Conception is situated next to the Piazza di Spagna in the adjacent Piazza Mignanelli in front of the Spanish Embassy in Rome near the Palace of the Propagation of the Faith. It was realised by the architect Luigi […]

St Agnes, Little Lamb of the Lord

On the via Normentana in Rome, about 2 km from the centre, stands the Basilica of St Agnes which comprises of the ruins of the original Constantinian Basilica, the Mausoleum of Constance and the Basilica built by Pope Honorius I in the seventh century. The original Basilica stands many metres below street level. If you […]