Why will 2013 be a “Good” Year?

As the new year begins we have been wished a “Happy New Year” many times! In what way can a year be thought of as “happy” or even “good”? For most people a ‘happy’ or ‘good’ year means to be free from illness, difficulties, troubles and that everyone smiles at us and is gracious in […]

A commentary on the lenten message of the Holy Father

A Commentary On The Lenten Message Of The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI Yet again this year we have the joy of meditating on the Lenten message of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, with you. Once more, the Holy Father reminds us, as he did at the start of his Pontificate with his encyclical […]

The Sistine Chapel – Chapel of the Conclave!

From 8.00pm on the 28th February 2013 the Seat of Peter became known officially as Apostolica Sedes Vacans, awaiting the election of the new Holy Father. The preparations are now underway to elect the new Pope in the historic setting of the Sistine Chapel. As the Conclave approaches, the Sistine Chapel – “la Cappella Magna” […]

At The Dawn of A New Pontificate

We are now in Eastertime which has followed an intense Lenten journey that was filled with emotion for Catholics all over the world due to Pope Benedict’s retirement and the election of a new Holy Father. Now, as we celebrate the Easter season, our new Holy Father, Pope Francis, is already loved by Catholics and […]

Life Giving Rays

Just a short distance from St Peter’s tomb in the Vatican Necropolis, the Mausoleum of the Julii family, dated to the third century, is located. The mausoleum was constructed by Iulia Palatina e Maximus for their baby, Iulius Tarpeianus, who died at two years of age. The mausoleum’s ceiling was decorated by a splendid mosaic […]